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San Juan Island Stories #5 “Promise Me” continues the five-year high school reunion where second chances for first loves means this is the summer everything will change…


Promise Me: a romantic short story (San Juan Island Stories #5)

Promise MeAllison knows that she’s not the same as she was in high school.

In high school, she was smart, thin, popular…

…and terrified.

Only one boy had the determination to break through her walls and teach her that she wasn’t alone.

Five years later, that man is now her husband and the father of her precious daughter. But Allison’s burden is heavier than she could have imagined. Daily living is a unending struggle. When she is suddenly forced into managing the entire five-year reunion, the fraying bonds of her marriage tighten to a snap.

If she resigns, it means the end of a reunion that has the potential to change so many lives. But if Allison continues, it means the end of everything she has…


Genre: Romance, sweet
Length: 32 pages (11k words)
ISBN: 9780989692069
Price: $0.99
Buy: Amazon, Smashwords, more to come!

Promise Me” is the fifth in a series of new short stories set around the crisp green San Juan Islands in Northwestern Washington. Light and sweet, they are perfect for a quick lunch break so you can return to the rest of your day with a feel-good smile.


San Juan Island Stories #1 “Fatty Patty”, #2 “Chance of Happiness”, #3 “Artful Dodger” and #4 “Swear to You” are light, sweet romances perfect for a Northwest summer.

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The San Juan Island Stories will be coming to print! Stay tuned…


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