San Juan Island Stories

…second chances with first loves…

SAN JUAN ISLAND STORIES are light, sweet romances perfect for a Pacific Northwest summer day and set around the crisp green San Juan Islands in Northwestern Washington. Refreshing as an iced vanilla latte and local as a salad with Ranch dressing and sesame seeds, these stories capture the essence that every journey — no matter how far — is truly about finding a way back home.

They are clean, lunch-sized short stories meant to be enjoyed on a quick break so that you can return refreshed and revitalized for the second half of your day!

Fatty Patty by Wendy ClarkChance of HappinessArtful DodgerSwear to YouPromise MeCover_Deliverable-front only

  1. Fatty Patty
  2. Chance of Happiness
  3. Artful Dodger
  4. Swear to You
  5. Promise Me
  6. San Juan Island Stories Anthology (#1-#5)


Fatty Patty: a romantic short story (San Juan Island Stories #1)

Fatty Patty by Wendy Clark



Fatty Patty” is the cruel nickname that followed Pepper to high school graduation. Five years later, she’s back at her reunion to prove it hasn’t defined her. In her slim Kate Spades, she’ll show them all — her underachieving classmates and especially the boy who broke her heart.

But Pepper’s not the only one who’s changed in five years. She’s not the only one who has regrets about the things that were, and especially weren’t, said.

And she’s not the only one who plans to use this chance to rewrite history…



Genre: Romance, sweet
Length: 20 pages (7k words)
ISBN: 9780989692007
Price: FREE
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Chance of Happiness: a romantic short story (San Juan Island Stories #2)

When was the last time you were truly happy?

Have you ever wondered if it’s too late? If you’ve made so many mistakes that you’ve missed your last Chance of Happiness?

Chance of Happiness


Mia always falls for the wrong man. The school bully, the sketchy con artist, the married professor. At her five-year high school reunion she comes face-to-face with the bad choice that started it all. Now she can finally forgive herself, forget him, and move on.

But she’s not the only person caught up in old memories.

And when all the secrets are revealed, she may be less willing to move on than she thought…


Genre: Romance, sweet
Length: 35 pages (12k words)
ISBN: 9780989692014
Price: $0.99
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Artful Dodger: a romantic short story (San Juan Island Stories #3)

Artful Dodger


“Silent Kat” is ignored by her classmates and invisible in her daily life. While she doesn’t love being forgotten all the time, it’s occasionally convenient – until she meets the one man who won’t allow her to hide.

The uncompromising photographer passing a summer on San Juan Island has no intention of dating a high school girl, but Katelina can’t ignore their inexplicable connection. He has no intention of corrupting her, either. Yet the quest to remain in his viewfinder sets her on an unexpectedly adult path …

And when the truth is revealed about this summer, everything will change — even their pasts…


Genre: Romance, sweet
Length: 35 pages (12k words)
ISBN: 9780989692021
Price: $0.99
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Swear to You: a romantic short story (San Juan Island Stories #4)

Swear to You


Seraphina doesn’t even go to her five-year reunion. What’s the point? She knows what they all think of her. The forever girlfriend of San Juan Island’s only punk rocker, she was loud, brash, and dirty. And she definitely liked that. Until the day she met the boy who was her exact opposite. Suddenly, she would have given anything to be single. And quiet. And even a little squeaky clean.

There’s absolutely no need for her to relive the embarrassing almost-confessions, the oblivious yet so-obvious “hints” (which he ignored), or her final, shocking humiliation. In fact, another five years can’t go by fast enough.

And that’s exactly why she’s more than a little concerned when, less than a day after the big event, a heart-breakingly familiar face turns up at her door…



Genre: Romance, sweet
Length: 25 pages (9k words)
ISBN: 9780989692052
Price: $0.99
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Promise Me: a romantic short story (San Juan Island Stories #5)

Promise Me

Allison knows that she’s not the same as she was in high school.

In high school, she was smart, thin, popular…

…and terrified.

Only one boy had the determination to break through her walls and teach her that she wasn’t alone.

Five years later, that man is now her husband and the father of her precious daughter. But Allison’s burden is heavier than she could have imagined. Daily living is a unending struggle. When she is suddenly forced into managing the entire five-year reunion, the fraying bonds of her marriage tighten to a snap.

If she resigns, it means the end of a reunion that has the potential to change so many lives. But if Allison continues, it means the end of everything she has…


Genre: Romance, sweet
Length: 32 pages (11k words)
ISBN: 9780989692069
Price: $0.99
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San Juan Island Stories Anthology (#1-#5)

Cover_Deliverable-front onlyEnjoy all 5 stories with bonus introductions! Available in ebook and print.


Genre: Romance, sweet
Length: TBA
Price: TBA
Buy: May 15, 2014